Commission Splits

Virtual Properties Realty has the best Realtor commission splits

Most agents Save $15K per Year!                       …as compared to Large FRANCHISES.

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  • 90% @ $5,900 CAP – Available to All

Or Keep 100% of your Commission

  • 100% Plan A – $295 Per Month (Unlimited Transactions)

  • 100% Plan B – $200 Transaction Fee & $50 Per Month surcharge

  • We have a $0 Per Month Plan – designed so you never see a bill

  • We have Several Board Member Optional Plans as well

Top Producers Love our 100% Plan

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Check out Virtual Properties Realtor Commission Splits Below

VPR commission Splits Small

The Best Fee/Splits Arrangements

VPR Commission Splits Large

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About Georgia’s best Realtor Fee Structures.

Virtual Properties Realty has the best Real Estate commission splits in the Atlanta, Ga area as well as all of Georgia. Virtual Properties Realty “VPR” provides Realtors 100% Splits, Low Transaction Fee Plans, 90% Splits. If you are a Real Estate Agent seeking a great Real Estate Split, Virtual Properties is the best Real Estate Company in the Atlanta, Georgia area for you. Call Virtual Properties Realty to learn more about the great Real Estate commission plans they offer Realtors and Real Estate Agents.

Virtual Properties provides Realtor Savings. Great Commission Plans!

Virtual Properties has the best Realtor commission plans or splits in Gwinnett county, Forsyth county, Fulton county, Cobb county, Hall county, Dekalb county, Cherokee county, Jackson county, Barrow county , Walton county, Fayette County, Habersham county, etc. If you are a Real Estate agent or Realtor that desires a great real estate split or realtor fee arrangement, Virtual Properties realty provides Realtor Savings! It is not unusual for Real Estate Agents or Realtors to Save over $15,000 compared to Franchise Real Estate companies. It is true, Real Estate agents and realtors save lots of money by enjoying not only Atlanta’s best real estate commission splits, but all of Georgia’s best real estate commission splits for Realtors. Call VPR now to learn about all their commission savings plans and offerings. Realtors…start saving money today by enjoying VPR’s High Real Estate Splits and Low Real Estate Fees.

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